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#1 2008-01-27 6:15pm

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Cranks for my 92 Diamondback

I have my 85 GT cranks on her now, but I am ready to do something with the 85 so they have to come off. What kind of cranks would you suggest. I do not want to pay a fortune, but I want something durable. I am new to this so sorry if this is a stupid question. Just need some advice. Should I go with a  3 piece or 1 piece? The DB will be a daily rider.


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#2 2008-01-28 4:36pm

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Re: Cranks for my 92 Diamondback

what kind of DB? Most of them came with 1 piece.



#3 2008-02-07 9:06am

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Re: Cranks for my 92 Diamondback

Both my '84 DB Formula One and '84 DB Super Streak have one piece cranks stock. I would get whichever is cheapest to buy. If I could get a 3 piece crank cheap I would probably switch them out on one of these frames.



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