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#1 2012-03-21 1:20am

From: Brighton, CO
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2012 Mongoose Intake

2012 Mongoose Intake

Yes, this is a Wal Mart bike, but hey, but it got the game controller outta my oldest son's hand and his butt on  a bike and on the trail with his younger brother and me, then it is a success to me smile

He replaced the seat, grips, pedals, hand brake lever, handlebars, and removed paint on the neck.

The 70's... We had no knee pads, no over protective soccer moms, no mini vans, if you messed up it was actually your own fault, and we rocked out to 8 tracks, cassettes and vinyl.  THAT'S HOW WE ROLLED!



#2 2012-06-26 2:14am

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Re: 2012 Mongoose Intake

I just purchased this bike the other day from Wal Mart as well and am trying to figure out what the thickness is of the handlebars and the seat post so that I can replace them with higher bars and a layback seat post..  Do you know the thickness of those two things?




#3 2012-10-10 10:41am

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Re: 2012 Mongoose Intake

Walmart bike or not, riding is riding cool



#4 2012-10-10 5:01pm

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Re: 2012 Mongoose Intake

A butt on a bike is better than a butt on the couch.

Bass Solo, Take One...



#5 2013-02-16 8:47pm

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Re: 2012 Mongoose Intake

my brother bought one for his fiance. she likes it.

09 Haro pro 24 and 96 group1 ci 24 projects commenced

Looking for a cheap black 25.4mm 200 to 300mm pivotal. Real tight on money




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