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#1 2012-02-28 1:04am

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1998 Standard STA 500

1998 Standard STA 500

San Francisco Craigslist find !!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is my sunday 2/26/12 craigslist score, finally !!!!! I score something good or I least I think it is. smile
This beast is a 1998 Standard S.T.A. 500 99% untouched survivor ( it needed new tires lol) all I did is change the tires and wipe it down with windex. This thing is super smooth and solid a blast to ride, check out the parts list below smile
Frame - 1998 Standard S.T.A.500 orginal paint & decals
Forks - Standard with 990 mounts
Bars - Standard Strip Bars original paint & decal
Stem - Standard
Wheels - Peregrine Super Pro with Standard axles
Tires - Primo Monster V originals
Cranks - Profile 175mm
Sprocket - Kink 43t
Brake levers - Dia Compe tech 77 Japan stamped
Brakes - Dia Compe AD 990 & FS 990
Pedals - Mid 90`s GT DX style
Grips - ODI Lock on
Seat Post - 1" Black generic
Seat Post clamp - Generic
Seat - Sparkely
Pegs - Haro Fusion

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#2 2012-02-28 5:23pm

The Rat King
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Re: 1998 Standard STA 500

Total score, at any it in red!

Your not Bad unless your BILLYBAD! If its not a Rat, Its not a Rod!



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