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2011 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24

#1 2012-02-14 9:45am

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2011 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24

2011 SE Racing So Cal Flyer 24

New Skool cruiser with some add ons from my sons old 24" goose.  This was the first modern bike I bought.  I wanted a bigger Ripper.... and could not afford a BIG RIPPER (and I have no clue who makes

I took the goose rims / tires off my Oldest sons 24" Mongoose and the small DJ sprocket as well.  I got some better cranks and added a few other things here and there, as my son really liked it, so we parted out the 24" Goose for this for him.

The 70's... We had no knee pads, no over protective soccer moms, no mini vans, if you messed up it was actually your own fault, and we rocked out to 8 tracks, cassettes and vinyl.  THAT'S HOW WE ROLLED!



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