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#1 2012-01-28 12:12am

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1996 2 Hip Pork

1996 2 Hip Pork

The only aluminum bmx that I found to be able to take the street beatings that someone of my size would dish out.

I bought the frame and built this up as therapy while recovering from my 2nd knee surgery in '99.  I sprayed it to match my Mustang, I girlie, and it's surprisingly close to a factory color that I'd never seen until joining on here.  I decided I wanted to try one of those free coasters using some crazy wheels that I got for it.  Well those crazy wheels turned out to be a nightmare. Peregrine Madd Max 16 spoke wheels .  I couldn't find anyone who could do the mating of free coaster to these crazy wheels.  So I ended up just having Tom (Trend in Austin) go ahead and just lace me up a normal 48 to the free coaster and had to learn to deal with the oddball look of mismatched wheels.
Long story short, after being released by the doc to ride again I could never get used to that accursed coaster and  constantly jacking my knee up with that constant never knowing quite when it would engage when starting to pedal forward.  So I hung it up and started riding my cruisers and MTB full time. I love the bike for its purpose but because of that stupid rear wheel  I just couldn't comfortably ride  a 20" for any length of time at all.



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Re: 1996 2 Hip Pork

Gnarly bike man. I love my aluminum Pork as well.



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