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#1 2012-01-21 1:13am

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1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian, bought this one of my friend Troy, very origanal & almost NOS lets just say mint.(SOLD)

OAKLAND NORCAL BMX,My first bike was a 1977 cyc stromer out of Hank & Franks.Looking for snakebelly tires in 20" & 24"Also on the hunt for Oldskool Boomboxes & 70's,80's skateboards will buy or trade.Cazels & old Krylon too.Stuck in the 80's,will not deal with Kopwithit



#2 2012-01-21 1:10pm

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Re: 1985 Mongoose Californian

yikes Dude? WTF........ did you steal my pics of my newly posted '85 expert? yikes

They look like twins! smile

I'm looking for the following frames, frame & forks or completes by BMX products:
MotoTrac (nickle or chrome), Racer-X or a Super-X (with the double gussets).
Thanks wink
I'm also johnng23604 at "Retro-goose", "VintageBMX" & "RADbmx"



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