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#1 2012-01-19 2:24am

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2011 Quamen Clad G9

2011 Quamen Clad G9

Quamen G9 Flatland 18 Inch!

After my last flatland session back in 1999 and almost 12 years  without riding i got this awesome flatland setup but to be honest the frame was way too short and i only rode it for 2 weeks back in April 2011, then i decided to go with my official flatland machine comeback, my beloved Raw/Red Subrosa Pandora DTT V2 19 evil machine.
Michael Ceron expert flatland rider and long time friend introduced me to Alejandro a flatland newbie when i was on vacation in my home town Santo Domingo, then Michael told Alejandro about the Quamen G9 frame which is perfect for his height,weight, and the deal he was getting the fabulous flatland gem for the price.
I gave him the frame,brake kit,bottom bracket,gyro mounts and cables,seat clamp,profile 23t sprocket,eastern 175mm cranks and animal hamilton pedals for only about $175 USD.
Wanting to help Alejandro in his early progression to the flatland world i let go this precious 18'' 1st gen Quamen Clad G9 frame for dirt cheap in comparison for what i had paid for and i think i made the right choice to help Alejandro since he is only 17 years old and his passion for flatland is limitless!
Then using the rest of some parts from this build i put together another Subrosa Pandora DTT V2 in purple and black which is still in the Dominican Republic awaiting to be unleashed to ride again.

I'm not BAD but i can be EVIL! LETS RIDE FLATLAND!!

More Faster, More Crazier, More Evil!!!
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Re: 2011 Quamen Clad G9

Lots love from Malaysia!big_smile



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