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#1 2012-01-07 12:43am

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1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

My Winter Rider

Got this F/F from 00Duck a few months back and had it build up in a few days as a rider for the winter months. Nothing special but always have people stop and stare as cruise by.
I actually had all the parts laying around the garage and turned out to be a pretty good looking build. I have no Idea what the stem on this bike is, if you have any info on it let me know. I put CW style bars, Ukai Rims with red ano spokes and hubs,Dyna Viscount seat, Unknown seat post, Duro gumwalls, unknown pedals, Red powdered Tuf Neck chainring with Sugino spider and bolts.  This was a fun and easy one to build and thanks again to 00Duck for the F/F Cheers!

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#2 2012-01-07 1:01am

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Re: 1985 Mongoose Californian

Clean lookin 85 goose! smile

I'm looking for the following frames, frame & forks or completes by BMX products:
MotoTrac (nickle or chrome), Racer-X or a Super-X (with the double gussets).
Thanks wink
I'm also johnng23604 at "Retro-goose", "VintageBMX" & "RADbmx"



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