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#1 2008-01-12 10:15am

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2000 Infinity Alter Ego

2000 Infinity Alter Ego

Infinity Alter Ego Flatland Frame.  Chris Young's company out of Ohio that is just starting to make a come back with the KA  pegs.  They were awesome quality frames.  Chris even repainted this for me

I remember this having a laid back seat tube angle to give the rider more knee & top tube room.
I sold this frame on Ebay to someone back East (I think in Chicago?).  It was a great frame and I am finally going to rebuild it in February with a Quamen Cyphr.  I have all of the parts in a box waiting to be reassembled with the new frame.  Here's the parts list that I can remember:
Graveyard Takashi Ito bars
Suntour Japanese coaster brake hub converted to freecoaster with Standard Byke Co. axle and 48 hole flanges tack welded on.  I purchased this hub from Andrew Arroyo back in the day and no it's not for sale!  12 tooth rear cog tack welded onto driver.
Graveyard sprocket 24 tooth (one picture shows a London Bikes 24 tooth sprocket)
Brickhouse bikes stem
KHE sealed bearing MKS graphite type pedals
Profile 160mm powder coated black cranks with titanium spindle
Shimano Deore rear U-brake (I have an extra one in storage)
Araya Super 7X 48 hole chrome double walled rims with black DT spokes
Suzue High flange 48 hole sealed bearing front hub with Standard Byke Co. axle and French sealed bearings
Primo Tubesteak pegs (black)
Dia Tech Tech 77 levers (black)
Odyssey Brakeline throughout
Thomson seatpost (black) 25.4mm
Odyssey Flatland Fork (black) zero offset w/thread in top cap (lighter-2nd generation black)
Primo Hemmorhoid seat (all black) shiny black top taken from grey Hemmorhoid seat (different seat in picture)
Kink Light seatpost clamp
Solid Bikes needle roller bearing headset 1-1/8"
Dia Compe 990 front U-brake w/CamAcura side cable adjuster and Dia Tech green brake pads
Primo The Wall tires
CamAcura Stainless Steel bar ends
ODI Longnecks
KMC 510HX chain
Odyssey Gyro GTX-R gyro w/Odyssey knarps
Play gyro hood



#2 2008-05-24 11:27am

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Re: 2000 Infinity Alter Ego

Bro this bike is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#3 2008-05-24 12:37pm

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Re: 2000 Infinity Alter Ego

totaly sick is right killer parts list no crap on it all the best f;n flatland parts!!!!!!

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#4 2010-09-11 12:19pm

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Re: 2000 Infinity Alter Ego

yeah, this bike rules alright!incredible choice of componentry.Most of it is some of my all time fave parts. including the modified suntour hubs,which I stll run off and on.I didnt go all out welding the 48 hole tack,I just used to drill them out,although I do have two rare 48 hole suntour og shells, purchased in 91 at twins' bike, who had them for some years.the bars,everything on it rocks, I have a tao assembled almost like this!you rule!



#5 2016-02-14 3:37pm

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Re: 2000 Infinity Alter Ego

Awesome bike man! I just found one myself!



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