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#1 2011-12-16 6:52pm

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1989 Auburn CR-20R

1989 Auburn CR-20R

Yard sale purchase!

Update 1-17-2012 - I was able to track down some more appropriate components for this bike. I realize some may be a little newer than 1989, but not much newer. The parts include:
Sun Rims CR18 20x1.5 polished alloy rims (NOS)
Bulletproof sealed bearing polished alloy hubs (NOS)
Chrome steel spokes, not stainless steel
PR1MO V-Trak 20x1.5 rear tire (NOS)
PR1MO Dirt Monster 20x1.95 front tire (NOS)
Shimano Deore 175mm polished cranks with 44t alloy chainring
YST sealed mechanism BB
KMC chrome nickle 410 chain
Kool Stop clear brake shoes (modern for safety and performance)
I installed the Lizard Skins Charger number plate I had because the colors match and help portray the racing heritage.

Pic 3 is how I found it. I really didn't know anything about Auburns at the time. The purchase price was impossible for me to pass. The tires were flat and the brake didn't work, plus EVERYTHING was lose. The trilink was still tight and rigid.
Here's the list on what's still on it as found:
1989 Auburn CR20R frame, fork, and Trilink
Stock spanner-lock type headset
Powerlite Alloy Pro Power bend bars
Suntour style quill stem (bright blue freestyle color)
Odyssey seatpost clamp
stock brakes

Here's the set-up for Pic 4:
Ame tri grips
Odyssey Slic cable
GT laid-back seat post
Diamondback "Darin Read" seat
Haro 3-piece cranks
Eastern 20mm BB
Porkchop black alloy spider
Pro Neck 42T alloy chainring
VP beartrap alloy pedals
KMC gold 410 chain
Araya 7x outer rims (NOS)
DK candy blue double-butted spokes
Gold alloy nipples
Suzue large flange gold front hub
Sealed bearing gold freewheel rear hub (brand unknown)
Shimano 16T freewheel
Odyssey "gum" 4x4 brake pads
Odyssey Atkin 20x2.125 blue skinwall front tire
Odyssey Atkin 20x1.90 blue skinwall rear tire
Lizardskins pad set



#2 2011-12-19 8:09pm

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Re: 1989 Auburn CR-20R

I like the color combo looks great

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#3 2012-01-27 12:42am

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Re: 1989 Auburn CR-20R

this is auburn turned out very nice ,it rides smooth and it is very gruuuvvvvyyyy smile



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