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1980 Nishiki

1980 Nishiki

4130 Chro-Mo frame built up from a bare frame

If my memory does not fail me, I received this frame in 1981-2 as a season's end bonus from the shop that I was working in at the time. The frame had been special ordered together with an identical red one through Norco, the Canadian distributor of a number of lines of Japanese bikes. The person who ordered the frame was the son of a diplomat who returned to Venezuela before it arrived, so it hung in the shop long enough for the deposit on the frame to legally become the property of the shop. The frame should therefore be from either 1979 or 1980.
The bike was supposedly a Redline in everything but name. The reinforcement gussets at the head tube with the little semi-circular cut-outs on the lower side are apparently proof of this.
I raced the bike in the early 80's.



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