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#1 2011-12-06 12:39am

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1983 GT 16

1983 GT 16

GT Pro 16er

Frame: 83 GT 16 Pro Pit frame original chrome
Fork: 83 GT 16" Pro fork original chrome
Bars: GT Pro Bars original chrome, w/ Oakley B1B grips NOS
S/P: GT Laid back post original chrome
Seat: Elina Lighting NOS seat with Excaliber clamp NOS
Stem: Tuf Neck Repop
H/S: Hatta Red NOS headset with Gold Dirt Skirt
Tires: Chen Shin 16" x 1.75 tires
Hubs: Bullseye 28H hubs
Rims: Araya 7x 16"x 1.75 chrome rims with stainless spokes and gold nips
Cranks: Sugino Maxys 155mm with Sugino Chainwheel 39t with gold bolts
B/B: Generic 3 Piece bottom bracket
Pedals: KKT Lighting pedals 9/16
Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000 rear with red brake cable and gold ferrule and cable end tip
Lever: Dia Compe Tech III rear lever
Chain: Yaban S410 1/2x 1/8 red and silver chain
Pads: GT Pads original to the frameset
Decals: GT originals

DG GRIPS !!! Black O-wings or Oakley B2s, SST Woody coaster rear Hub, 16" Ukai or Arayas for my pit bikes!
JMC 24" fork.



#2 2013-04-09 10:43pm

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Re: 1983 GT 16

Sweet Pit!  Any interest in selling it? I have a 16" GT very similar, but can't figure out the year?!?  Are you an GT expert that can help?  big_smile



#3 2013-07-10 5:01pm

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Re: 1983 GT 16


WTB: * NOS Oakley F1 grips black/yellow * KKT FMX/LMX Pedals * Skyway Tuff Graphite pedals/cages * NOS Oakley 2 red right side only * NOS Oakley 1 red left side only * NOS chrome KKT FMX left side pedal 9/16



#4 2015-05-22 2:13am

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Re: 1983 GT 16

Cool bike! cool



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