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1986 Diamond Back Super Streak

#1 2008-01-06 8:41am

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1986 Diamond Back Super Streak

1986 Diamond Back Super Streak

One of the last Superstreaks. Updated build progress 9/9/12

I originally had it listed as an 84. It is a last of the year 85 Superstreak. The SS line was discontinued for 86 , but some of the last 85's were released in the beginning of 86. I found this one in the back of a second hand bike shop. The components are in rough shape, but the main parts are restorable. The frame, fork, and bars just need a good polishing. All stickers are intact and in good shape w/ a little yellowing. It wont be a perfect bike when it is done(I'm not re-chroming due to sticker condition), but it will be 100% ridable. I will post pics as it comes back to life.

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