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Let's see some craigslist finds.....  RSS Feed

#101 2015-10-15 3:04pm

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

Just last month!
1. $300

BMX! Paying Emergency Room doctor's mortgages since 1975!!!



#102 2015-10-15 7:42pm

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

This is a CL score from a few years ago. It is an all original 1969 Columbia 500 Playbike. The lady I bought it from won it at her middle school fall carnival in a raffle in the fall of 1969. Since it was a boys bike, and because of some weird gearing and short crank throws, she didn't ride it very much. She didn't have any brothers, so it just sat until she was moving and decided to sell it. All I did was wipe it down. I really like the motorcycle style forks:



#103 2015-10-17 1:35pm

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

99 VFR got the f/f stem and Hs for 5 bux



#104 2016-01-01 8:59pm

Chromoly Ringwald
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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

1996 Dyno Nitro 24

First post,
Thanks for having me! Saw this Dyno NSX 24 on cl burried in a garage and covered in dust. Picked it up for $120.

Here it is after a little elbow grease and a few parts I had laying around. Was curious about the DK hubs with the flip flop. Tough Neck post clamp was on the bike.

Good rider for gettin dirty and it matches the one I built for my son a while back.




#105 2016-01-01 9:14pm

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

Hunting CL in Chicago is not easy, I was able to score these 2 beauties though

1979 Sting 200.00, Tufneck, DX pedals and comp3 silver stars

1980 Mag Scrambler 125.00 all original, ridden for about 1 week

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#106 2016-01-02 6:45am

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

Wow, the Scambler looks brand new

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



#107 2016-01-02 6:48am

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Re: Let's see some craigslist finds.....

mxfan69 wrote:

Wow, the Scambler looks brand new

Sure does, looks like it came right out of a bike shop!! ........check it out, I live with it daily
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