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#1 2011-11-01 12:30am

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1977 Nishiki Interceptor

1977 Nishiki Interceptor

Unique survivor

I found this at a church sale and bought it for my then 7 year old son.  It was way too big for him, so I put it away and forgot about it.  A year later, he got really interested in BMX, and I got him a 79 Motomag for his B-day.  Once I gave him that bike, I was hooked.  Now it's time to break out the Nishiki and clean it up.  This is how it looked when I bought it.  I don't know the year, but I'm guessing late 70s The first two numbers in the serial are 77, but who knows. Quality wise, it's probably not much of a bike, but I think it looks pretty damn cool. I would love any info on the bike.  So far I haven't been able to find much out about it. 

E Dale MX60 mags Stamped Ashtabula stem  Unstamped Ashtabula forks Unmarked quilted seat

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#2 2011-11-01 12:34am

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Re: 1977 Nishiki Interceptor

Great bike!



#3 2011-11-01 8:46am

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Re: 1977 Nishiki Interceptor

Awesome find



#4 2011-11-13 4:41am

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Re: 1977 Nishiki Interceptor

Love This Bike ! Instant flavor ! If You Are Ever To Get Rid Of It,Hit Me Up Please ! Thx ! Ken !

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#5 2011-11-13 7:26am

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Re: 1977 Nishiki Interceptor

this bikes super rare and cool as hell smile

I got lots of stuff, what you need? lol



#6 2013-11-03 7:38pm

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Re: 1977 Nishiki Interceptor

These frames were marketed BRIEFLY in the States under the Viscount brand. Yamaha owned Viscount at that point. I had a Viscount MX in 1978 and this was the exact frame. It even had the MX-60s. It was my first BMX.  Should have never sold it. By the time I did it had Super Maxis on it as well as Oakley 3s on alloy bars. Tuff looking bike BITD.

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