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#1 2011-10-18 11:58pm

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1976 LRV Moxie 1

1976 LRV Moxie 1

This frame in awesome condition and im working on getting the horrible red sray paint off of it so it can show its og orange color again.  Cant wait to have this one up and running soon.   

Frame has been clear coated over raw metal.  Same with the Speedo forks...



#2 2011-10-19 1:07pm

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Re: 1976 LRV Moxie 1


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#3 2011-10-19 8:15pm

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Re: 1976 LRV Moxie 1

Had one in about '78 or so. My 1st real bmx bike...It is so great to see a few have survived smile

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#4 2011-10-20 2:06pm

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Re: 1976 LRV Moxie 1

Very cool!cool

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