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2008 FBM Autopilot

#1 2011-09-29 11:17pm

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2008 FBM Autopilot

2008 FBM Autopilot

Quick 20.25 Build up for my little cousin using NOS parts - Not bad for a first bike?

Parts list?



#2 2013-04-10 1:59pm

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Re: 2008 FBM Autopilot

Hey Scott , I'm not sure if your inbox is full or you have just been away but just to let you know I got the sprocket shipped out on the 4th. The tracking number for it is : LC015070317US .  It should be arriving today or 2maro at the latest. Hope everythings been cool.


Looking for : Bomber #'s , NOS/good condition white (red ,white and blue decals) 50's Seiss bike light , Huffy Bandit tire , Camel Supercross stuff , spoke length for 3x lace pattern with mid 90's Kovachi hubs (flip-flop rear) and 20" ,1.5 Odyssey T-1000 rims.



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