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#1 2011-09-27 10:04pm

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1984 Redline MX-III

1984 Redline MX-III

Redline MXIII Project

Got this frame and fork locally,  traded some midschool powerbends for it, It has hot dog stamp on the bottom an according to the RL serial info this is was originally an '84 MXIII. Will update as it comes along.
Update 1/6/12
Currently in the process of getting the right parts for it. had it build up with red parts like in the pics but used those on other builds and is currently sitting around as a Frame, fork and bars.
Now have RL forks and Stamped V Bars for this project...slowly but surely this will get done.

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#2 2011-09-28 12:22pm

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Re: 1984 Redline MX-III

Good lookin 500-a



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