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#1 2011-09-15 12:55am

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1983 Redline 600a series three

1983 Redline 600a series three

scrap steel turned curb candy.

came across this frame in a scrapyard..the rear dropouts were what caught the eye.after some lifting with a pole we removed it from under what looked like a big furnace.
and it turned out to be pretty abused . the forks were cut above the headtube.leaving just the stem tube and  bottom part of the stem pin , sadly this meant having to use another 1" threaded set we had laying around..still trying to free up the original forks..maybe weld a new dropout where the junkyard removed the other one.
found the freestyle bars from a Ross piranha in the same scrapyard..crazy luck on this build..all the parts aside from rims and tires and grips were scavenged.found the stem im running currently on a GT frame we had breifly..working to restore condition of original pedals.various other small stuff will be changing. a work in constant progress.



#2 2011-09-16 4:46am

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Re: 1983 Redline 600a series three

My buddy Todd had one of these bitd. always admired it! Get a new stem for this puppy!

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#3 2011-09-16 8:39am

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Re: 1983 Redline 600a series three

Early serial number, good save



#4 2012-01-28 5:11am

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Re: 1983 Redline 600a series three

Nice save for sure.

It's all for sale. Chrome frames suck. Real men rock reflectors.

Text me pictures for repair work. It's the easy way to get ahold of me. 8124997173


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