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#1 2011-08-28 1:56am

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1977 Takara Monoshock

1977 Takara Monoshock

Almost completely original

Special thanks to skirkpat (Sean) for selling me this awesome bike.  It was a great find and I am lucky to have it.  I believe this bike was built by LRV/Matthews for Takara.  The frame is almost identical to a Matthews Monoshock frame.
OG paint
LRV 4130 Forks
Ashtabula Stem
Box Bars w/integrated shims
Araya 2.125 Chrome Steel Rims
Mesinger seat

70's Metal is the best Metal of all.



#2 2011-08-28 5:45am

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Re: 1977 Takara Monoshock

Old school at its best love it bro.

Everybody sing GOOOOO YANKEES !!!                      MAH!! COULD WE GET SOME MEATLOAF ??????????

Your gonna wear the shirt of the band your going to see??? DONT BE THAT GUY!!!!!!
R.I.P. Autmn Pasquale 12yrs. old you will not be forgotten. Murderd over BMX parts. UNFORGIVABLE.



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