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Gary Ellis's 1998 GT Speed Series Team bike!!!  RSS Feed

#101 2019-01-09 1:20pm

Gylles Smyth
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Re: Gary Ellis's 1998 GT Speed Series Team bike!!!

sidedraught wrote:

Gary Ellis was my hero growing up in the late early 90's. He is the reason why I raced GT's.

Cool thread!

Gary was one of the counselors at the BMX camp I took the summer after I started racing, along with Troy Daniels, Bart McDaniel, and Marty Enaht.  I think Darryl Young stopped in as well if I remember correctly.  That was 1982-ish, when Gary was still riding 16(?) expert for Kuwahara.

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#102 2019-01-11 8:04pm

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Re: Gary Ellis's 1998 GT Speed Series Team bike!!!

Spintech wrote:

Awesome thread. Glad it got bumped up.. That place is on my bucket list to visit.

And Jesse.. very nice start!! Can't wait to see it built.

pmhicks619 wrote:

I've seen these stems in the "hi-polish finish" go for $15-$20 shipped on ebay...

Dang 15-20 shipped. I got robbed then cause I paid like 60. But it was my favorite GT stem as well so it was worth it to me.

The funniest part is when someone is upset they 'overpaid' 60 for that stem lol  Now you can't even find one for less than $200!

True! An original xxl elite stem in black! By far my favorite from GT.

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