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2010 SE Racing Quadangle

#1 2011-08-14 1:10am

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2010 SE Racing Quadangle

2010 SE Racing Quadangle

aqua green quad!!!!

I bought this from a member here and have rode it almost everyday since.
quadangle frame
standing gear forks
khe phil dolan bars
se retro grips
khe prism seatpost clamp
s&m gold bottom bracket
khe hindenburg cranks
eastern pedals
khe alchemy pegs
odyssey gyro, slic cable and gyro cables

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#2 2016-11-04 10:33am

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Re: 2010 SE Racing Quadangle

Are you sure that's a 2010?, I have one of these and thought it was a 2008-2009, but then I'm not positive, mine is the same exact color scheme but has the factory decals installed, even has the standing gear forks, I've also got the next years model that's orange but with landing gear forks, both bikes are like new.

when you look here on the museum under quadangle "freestyle" for the years 2007-2009 nothing comes up, they're all lumped in with the regular quadangles, these were built in turquoise, orange and black over 3 years in a row, guess I should do more research to find out what is what year, everyone goes after the normal Quads but these are built hell for stout.

great bike, enjoy

Mark S



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