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#1 2011-08-12 1:46am

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1984 Raleigh Mag Burner

1984 Raleigh Mag Burner

from a box of bit's

bought this bike of ebay and thought oh my god what have i done
but with a bit of help from my little girl
extra's used from the stock of paints and bits i have in my bmx garageone can white enamel paint one can clear emamel paintone can black satin enamel paintbeachblack dlyon dyewhite greeseone set 1985 dia-compe 901'sdia-compe brake padsand a nasty white chain but i will replace soon
2 hours work to clean for paint1 hour piantingleft to dry for 2 days1 hour build up not fully finished but hey i have not done bad so far new comp 3's to get and stickers maybe pad set but maybe not as money is tight these days



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