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#1 2011-07-28 1:37am

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1999 X Games

1999 X Games

My first fixup with my 10 y. o. son

     A fun project with my boy. This bike was given to him by a friend in horrible condition. It is nearly all original with a few minor exceptions.  It had X-Games decals on it that had been painted over so they were unsalvageable. We stripped it down bare and painted it a color of his choosing. I just need to find some decals now.
     It is a tank of a frame but that's ok since I ride it a lot and the heavier weight seems to fit me better. It kinda brings me back to the old days when I had to be drug in off my '86 FS1 when I was his age.
     A very hard to find bike on this site. I have searched countless hours and found only two others with matching frame designs. A '99 diesel, and an '01 twist. Great bike for a Huffy. It kinda reminds me of the '86 Maxx-Air I also had back then.



#2 2011-07-29 6:08am

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Re: 1999 X Games

Great job bringing this bike back to life!  Nice choice of color too!

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#3 2012-02-15 8:04am

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Re: 1999 X Games

Nice bike, I don't know where to start

first off I love father and son builds. I have been doing them every since I got back into BMX. Me and my son have a Huffy project planned for this year as well. Twin Pro Thunder 2's in yellow and blue. As for you model(son's model) being hard to find. It's most likely because Huffy used that frame style as the base model for quite a few different modeled bikes. They may have different names, and even different colors and parts. But its still a the same frame and fork.

That is the magic of Huffy, and there attempt to make sure the kid next door doesn't pull up on the same bike. lol I like the color choice it fits that frame very well. I hope you and you son get to OGOAR(operation get out and ride) very often. If you like please share it on the huffy thread:

once again, nice bike -Earl

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#4 2017-02-17 1:42pm

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Re: 1999 X Games

why does it look exactly like a Huffy Twist???



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