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#1 2011-07-16 3:16am

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1996 GT Interceptor

1996 GT Interceptor

1 CLEAN Gt Interceptor!!

I found this bike on craigslist.  It sat and sat..... Finally I called and said yeah I will give you a $120 for it.  Come to find out that the guy I bought it from was my next door neighbors kid 10 years ago!!!!!
Small world. You never know who you will find the next bike from.  He never rode it!  I do remember it now, I think I raised the seat for him back then.
Anyhow, I just polished all of the aluminum, put new rubber on it and a layback seatpost.  Now to be covered with a sheet and stored with all my other relics in a secret location. HA!
Anyways enjoy, this is what they looked like just out of the box!



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