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2004 DK Step Up

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2004 DK Step Up

2004 DK Step Up

Mid School Frame, New School Attitude

Years ago, I had a 2000 Haro Group 1 Zi that I poured around $600 into before it was stolen from me. Working at a bike shop, you'd think I would have just bought another...5 years have rolled by and NOW I finally got another bmx bike...used...
My daily rider. Bought it off a coworker for $90 who, in turn, bought my brother's 2006 Dk 6-Pack...Go figure, eh? Well, long and short of it, I'm never satisfied with a stock bike. So I've been slowly swapping old parts in for new or newer used parts. Originally, this bike weighed 33 lbs but I've managed to get her down to below 27, so I'm pretty stoked about it. I ride primarily dirt but have been trying to re-learn some street recently.
Frame: '04 DK 'Step Up'
Weight: (CURRENT WITHOUT PEG) 27 lbs, 8 oz
Headset: Cane Creek
Bottom Bracket: Stolen Mid with American adapters SEALED
Post: Stock DK
Seat: DK
Clamp: DK
Fork: DK (14mm drops)
Stem: GT 'Piston'
Bars: Haro 'Slim' (Rattle-canned yellow and dressed in Fly stickers, also
         cut down so they are 22.5" across)
Grips: DK 'Tsuka' (with Shadow Conspiracy plugs)
Cranks: Stolen 'Mob' (8 spline drive, 19mm)
Pedals: DK 'Disortion' SEALED
Wheels: (HANDBUILT by me)
Front: *Shadow Conspiracy 'Stun' rim
           *Proper 14g spokes
           *Shadow Conspiracy 'Rant' female hub
Rear:  *Shadow 'Stun' rim
           *Proper 14g spokes
           *Bicycle Union 'Process' V1 sealed, hollow axel 10t cassette driver
           (Proper Rim strips on front and rear)
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: Shadow Conspiracy 'Crank & Bones' 28t
Brakes: Tectro U-Brake
Cable: Shadow Conspiracy cable with Sun housing
Lever: Tectro
Tires: CST 'Cyclops' 20x1.95 rear and Primo 'Dirt Monster' 20x1.95 front
Special Modifications: Chopped the stock seat tube down so it's only 3 inches, Trick Topz 'Smiley' caps that have a spec of red on them to look like the logo from 'The Watchmen' and a single peg on the front to even the weight out. Just for the record, the 'FTW' on the peg stands for 'FOR THE WIN' and not 'F*** THE WORLD' but I guess it all depends on your interpretation.




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