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#1 2007-11-29 2:02pm

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1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

schwinn predator free form BG mag

gripper seat yo grips red stone mags tires, chain and tubes were trashed i got this bike for $3.50

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#2 2008-06-08 6:33pm

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Re: 1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

love the front sprocket, I remember going to the bike shop and buying the exact sprocket when they were out new. Dont wanna sell it by any chance do you/./?

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#3 2012-01-17 5:41pm

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Re: 1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

Hey There... My buddy gave me this same bike w/0 stickers on it. All Orig. and GREAT shape. It needs new tires an tubes but shes ready to go. Still even has the "YO" Grips. They also look Brand new. I ordered stickers from this and the guy sent chrome ones w/red an blue writing? (Predator freeform BG) I'm confused weather to use em or not? Anyway... NICE bike ya got there. Great shape... Love it! Be cool! ~ Jarrett

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#4 2012-11-09 9:16am

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Re: 1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

I have one of these, exactly the same, other than my forks are chrome.. I don't know why they came with the random bronze colored stem



#5 2012-11-09 9:31am

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Re: 1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form BG

It is an 88 model.

Down to four bikes, but satisfied with the ones left.



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