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#1 2006-01-25 3:43pm

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1979 Roger DeCoster

1979 Roger DeCoster

Mint condition frame and fork. Forks are still in original box!
Part of the lot from Bill C. thanks! included an OM, more.
The Oval hole is a give away on the frame!

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#2 2006-01-26 2:30am

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

Hi all my DeCoster has a coaster brake bracket on the frame what year is that thanks for any info.

frisco bay



#3 2006-02-02 5:54pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

If you post the serial number here, I can tell you the month as well as the year.



#4 2006-08-20 9:23am

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

i have a frame i just pulled out of the garage to build up an old school for my daughter and i just wondered if anyone could help me on what year and model this goose is? serial is CL8 127451.  thank's



#5 2007-09-05 5:17pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster


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#6 2007-11-22 5:23pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

were can i find a nice sticker kit ?????? help thanks bud

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#7 2007-11-22 8:37pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

851corsa wrote:

Hi Gary, Is There any visual markings that can be used to distinguish between these Decoster forks, the Team Mongoose forks and the Tange 'supergoose' forks. I have been offered some and I want to be better informed before I deal. Thanks for your time.

Since Gary hasn't responded, please don't be offended if I chime in.

Not sure what you're referring to when you say "Tange 'supergoose' forks" in opposition to the Team forks. 

Both of my 1980 Supergooses (Supergeese?) came with a chrome "Team" fork. 

The 1981 BMX Products Catalog Spec sheet page shows the Team Mongoose and Supergoose are spec'd with the team fork and the Mongoose II, Mongoose Freemag, Mongoose Motomag, Mongoose Wire Wheel and Minigoose are spec'd with the "Mongoose Tubular" fork which is the Tange TX-1200 (the one without the leading edge drop outs). 

The '83 catalog says the Supergoose comes equipped with a Team fork.

To make it even more confusing, the 1978 BMX Products catalog says the 1978 Team Mongoose is equipped with the ' "Roger Decoster" all chrome moly fork.'

Also, sometime between 1981 and 1983, they went to a larger, 1" outer diameter, thinner walled tubing for the fork blades.

Hope that helps.



#8 2008-01-14 9:03pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

To add to the confusion they also changed the diameter of the round part where the fork legs weld onto. The part that has the hole for the front brakes to go through. It was thinner on the older bikes and thicker after 1980 or something.
Roger Decoster forks were Team forks Nickle plated and with Decoster stickers.
Team forks were candy blue or candy red with team mongoose stickers.
Supergoose ones were nickel or chrome depending on the year and had team stickers.

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#9 2008-09-04 11:32am

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

Ive been loking for a Decoster since mine was stlen in 1982!! Anyone have any leads on a frame I would appreciate it. I can be contacted at

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#10 2009-02-12 9:22pm

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Re: 1979 Roger DeCoster

Man, I would sell a kidney for one of these. I had one as a kid and it got stolen. No decals cause I thaught my parents got me a knock-off mongoose, ha ha. Pinched forks, tuff neck, yellow mags, no shoes, and a big gulp. Man I loved tha bike,I polished that bike all the time.

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