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1995 Haro Group 1 Ci

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1995 Haro Group 1 Ci

1995 Haro Group 1 Ci

Group 1 Ci.  Manufactured in late 1994.  Labeled, equipped and sold as a 95. 

Original owner gave me this bike with all original parts.  I changed a few things but packed away and saved all of the stock components.

"That LiL Holeshot I built a couple years ago that took Best Mini was a nice bike, but I'll bet most people didn't even see the greatest thing about it. The frame and fork was in awesome condition, and when I started to build it I found residue of car wax in the welds. That means at one time, long ago some little kid enjoyed that bike so much that he sat and stared at it while he waxed it to perfection. That's the kinda stuff I appreciate, and can relate to very well."  John De Bruin-6/21/09



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