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1997 Dyno Air

#1 2011-05-18 1:07am

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1997 Dyno Air

1997 Dyno Air

Dyno Air with 48's and an OG GT wings sprocket

This happened to be a killer pickup.  I haggled a bit on this one as it was out of town.  The pics were horrid and the description was vague.  I was really happy to find that it was an Air model yet sported the better rims and an early OG sprocket.  This bike was in really good condition as the original owner was a timid female (Her mother's words).  Two mountain bikes were thrown in for free with the deal.  I donated the huffy and cleaned the Giant for resale.  In the end, I pocketed $50 and got the Dyno for free.  That was a nice weekend.  I would like to track down a replacement set of decals as a few were removed.  The original seat was gone and this is only a temporary until I find the proper freestyle seat.

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



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