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#1 2007-11-11 6:42pm

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2003 Quamen Clad G4

2003 Quamen Clad G4

My New Midschool Flatland Bike

  Quamen Clad G4 Frame, Phil Dolan Bars, Proper Bar Ends, Bizhouse Gym Grips, Snafu Brake Levers, KHE Flat 26 Stem, Snafu Mobeus Detangler, Odyssey Flatland Fork, KHE Taira Pegs, G Sport Hub, Nankai Techno Lite Freecoaster, Odyssey Hazard Lite Rims, Odyssey Phat Black Widow Cranks, Inertia Incognito Sprocket, Odyssey Frequency G tires, DK Alloy Seatpost, Primo Hemmorhoid Seat, Diatech Hombre Brakes, Odyssey Cielencki Pedals, (Chrome, Red, and Black Motif)



#2 2008-07-04 8:18am

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Re: 2003 Quamen Clad G4

Beautiful bike mate! How about a list of parts?



#3 2008-07-07 10:34pm

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Re: 2003 Quamen Clad G4

beautiful bike.  i missed it from the moment i sold it to you.  enjoy!

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#4 2010-12-16 8:05am

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Re: 2003 Quamen Clad G4

Wow, nice looking bike! Instant FAV!!!  smile

My Father once spoke to me and said "The way you look at your bike is the way I see My children, I look past the imperfections and rough surfaces to the beauty of the finished product."



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