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#1 2011-01-17 12:36am

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1991 Redline RL 320

1991 Redline RL 320

Got in a trade

Got in a trade for a gt pro series

Looking for REbel racing, Blazer Racing  and Kuwahara Race stuff. Old School Rules!



#2 2011-01-17 6:31am

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Re: 1991 Redline RL 320

Thats my old frame,it rode smooth,but like the GT i got for it. Build that thing you'll like it

GT,POWERLITE padsets early 90's,dk or GT 36s sealed hubs,Hoffman goods 92-01,Poorboy stuff,GT power series sprockets,Answer Pro Forx(threaded or non)black 90s ELF padset,Odyssey A-brakes.



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