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#1 2011-01-11 1:13am

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2006 The Take Ivy V1

2006 The Take Ivy V1

Budget build we're proud of...!

This one started out as a rusty pile with cracked cranks and everything else in marginal condition. We stripped and painted the frame/fork/bars after fixing all deep gouges with a TIG welder, a lot of patience, and different hand-files/sanders. We warrantied the cranks (thx Primo!), got new bolts for the stem, cleaned-up the Titanium crank bolts, and bought the rest of everything else either on sale or in good used condition. We have less than $300 in the whole deal.

* Frame: The Take Ivy v1, 20.75" tt
* Fork: Odyssey Pro Dirt
* Stem: Animal
* Handlebars: S&M Slam
* Grips: Fly Bikes Ruben 
* Bar-ends: Fly Bikes
* Seat: Odyssey Aitken railed 
* Seatpost: Shadow Conspiracy
* Seatpost Clamp: Profile
* Cranks: Primo Hollowbites175mm
* Pedals: Fly Bikes Ruben 
* Sprocket: Tree OG 28t
* Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
* Hubs: frt- Odyssey Vandero v1, rr- Odyssey Hazard cassette 10T
* Rims: frt- Fly Bikes 36h, rr- Odyssey 7K-A 48h
* Spokes: DT
* Tires: frt- Fit FAF, rr- WTP Grippin'
* Pegs: frt- Odyssey J-Peg lite, rr- Animal Lite
* All photos by Allison

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Re: 2006 The Take Ivy V1


I Love bmxmuseum!



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