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#1 2007-10-09 10:41am

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1977 G-Boy

1977 G-Boy

Found at the local dump.

More details to come.

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! I am in search of SUNDAY! and Odyssey stuff!!!!!
Grape and Orange Soda Watermelon and all Cool LE color ways!!!!!!
FUNDAY Aaron Ross 41 Thermal Pink Orange Purple etc......................



#2 2007-11-29 6:26pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

I'm jealous. Incredible find!

Sell it to me.



#3 2007-11-29 8:07pm

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Jim I was wondering what happend to you?

I just noticed something. Your gusset is the same size as min. Look at all the others. That gusset is 1 1/2" or more longer. If you look in realtion to the disatance at form the headtube toward the seat post mast. Wonder which ones are earlier or later? Mine is NOT calle a G Boy, but a GB Stout. I think ours mihgt be earlier with a smaller gusset?




#4 2008-10-30 2:21pm

broke L345
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Re: 1977 G-Boy

Hi I am trying to get a history of these bikes together, could you pleasesend me any information that you know about Gboy and I am also trying to gather information about their serial numbers.

mine is a 1977 stout serial 78 1552, seems odd to me that a 1977 bike starts with 78. anyway that's what I'm trying to figure out. yours also has the longer gussett.

Thanks for your time.




#5 2015-02-26 12:11am

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Re: 1977 G-Boy

I was 14 years old when my uncle bought me that light as a feather frame. I raced ic cotati california and windsor...i severely broke the frame landing on a wreck pile at the bottom of a big jump.... looking to buy a frame to build for my own nostalgia



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