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#1 2010-11-28 10:31pm

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1986 GT Pro Performer

1986 GT Pro Performer

pink serviver GT frame.

1986 pink factory painted GT pro performer frame survivor. forks GT pro WORLD TOUR white factory painted. head set TIOGA white paint touched up. stem GT meat mallet was white striped and polished. bars GT PREFORMER re painted white.nos GT AME grips. first gen silver ODYESSEY GYRO with nos white cables. brakes 980 freestyle white with DYNO brake protector and white STAR MX levers. wheels white ACS Z 48 rear has nos AIR-UNI OLIMPIC wheel cover white front has blue glow in the dark spoke covers nos and VANCOM 20x2.0 white GT repo new tires thay look just like GT tires tread and every thing is Identical but no GT wing printed on side best of all no dry wrought brand new wish they would make other colors besides black/white. green would be sweet for my next GT project but they do not make them yet. GT chrome fold up pegs pink nos SKYWAY pegs ODYSSEY rear standers. bottom bracket TIOGA. cranks chrome TIOGA 1pc. sprocket CD TIOGA COMPACT DISK. GT DX COPY platform pedals. nos TIOGA set clamp white. GT laid back seat post factory painted white..DYNA MAX seat. project started when I bought frame fell in love with the color always wanted as a kid I think it's better than the poster pink but that  may just be me. the reason I used the parts I did was because I all ready had them laying around. let me know what you think. I should have the other 29 bikes pictured ass I finish and get the way I want them thanks for looking and NO it"s NOT FOR SALE.

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Re: 1986 GT Pro Performer

that would catch my eye coming down the street, great looking bike.



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