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#1 2010-11-26 12:18am

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1986 Free Agent Junior

1986 Free Agent Junior

$25 Yard Sale Find... Needs lots of love.

A co-worker of mine saw this for sale on the side of the road and knowing my massive appetite for old and arguably useless BMX stuff told me about it (thanks Aaron). I rode over to where he had seen it, and there it was. Sitting with a huge chain through the back wheel and a cardboard "$25" sign taped to the bars in someones front yard. Nobody home. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the chain was not locked, just wrapped through the rear wheel. Twenty-five bucks into the mailbox and off I went with it under one arm riding along the highway on my 20".

To say this bike is in rough condition would be one heck of an understatement. There is at least as much rust as there is paint, the seat tube has the standard-issue crack from a combination of an undersized seat post (probably run too high), and what I can only imagine was Chewbacca with a 3-foot-long allen wrench tightening the seat post clamp. I'm hoping to have that patched up, strip the paint, and maybe have it chrome plated if I can find somebody who will do it without destroying my bank-account in the process. Fortunately, the head tube gussets and dropouts are good, and the original Free Agent forks are straight.        Parts are a mixed bag with the highlights being a DK seat post clamp, a DK mini stem, and Powerlite bars. Stay tuned for updates and photos as it progresses through the stages of restoration.



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Re: 1986 Free Agent Junior

on the free agent j unior is those 1.75 tires ,about to by a fa junior



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