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#1 2010-11-13 12:51am

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1983 Schwinn Sting

1983 Schwinn Sting

Another former Mike Poulson bike.

Built this guy up with parts I had lying around. I really like the frame and rake on it with those big Elf bars one of my runners once I get a brake on it. After more research this was one of the last few Predator Stings made at Waterford, Wisconsin before being moved to Taiwan. Regardless of what the Title says this is a Predator Sting, the Sting as we know it wasn't made in 1983 working on admin to check it out more thoroughly.
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#2 2011-01-18 7:33am

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Re: 1983 Schwinn Sting

Never heard of a Predator build though!

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#3 2011-02-09 9:30am

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Re: 1983 Schwinn Sting

I do remember this being released as a predator.  Not sure why they did this but I think they were transitioning to the predator name and wanted an early release of the name to spark interest because they weren't ready to release the 'new' predator.  Probably delays since the manufacturing moved to Taiwan.

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#4 2011-05-09 11:14am

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Re: 1983 Schwinn Sting

cool looking ride.

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