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#1 2010-09-25 10:51pm

Pro MemberThe Slasher
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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Got this one today 9/21/10..........
Nice survivor condish............
GT frame, fork, bars, seat, spc, powerdisc, 1st gen. forkstanders, SR stamped GT Mallet stem, Stamped Dyno Drainpipe seatpost, SR hollow crank, SR 43 tooth chainring, ody. gyro, OGK GT Peformer mags & HTI peds

Needs as of 1/1/15 24" Ukai Speedlines prefer black



#2 2010-09-28 8:27pm

From: Perth Amboy, NJ
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Re: 1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

hey buddy, since you got this recently, would you mind telling me how much you paid for your? I'm lookin at an identical one to yours but I think yours is a little's for sale near me and the guy wants an arm and a leg for it. How much did you pay for yours? An arm or a leg? Please help me out because I'm torn between giving up an arm, a leg, or trading a nice road bike for way he's gonna get any of my old BMXs! 

Thanks for the help and the info!

Ride on.

*"Foot brakes: YOU TAKE YOUR CHUCKS & JAM THEM BTWN THE FORK AND FRONT WHEEL! Then, pray to the BMX demi-gods (and St. Gary) that your bike stops!*   
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