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#1 2010-08-18 3:01pm

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1998 Redline RL 640

1998 Redline RL 640

1998 Redline RL-640 (Retro RL-20 II)

I saw these bikes being recreated as Retro Redline RL-20 II Pro Styler so I wanted to do one in their red color.  It took me a while to get these frames, finally I got it on e-bay, and here is one more of them.  If anybody knows someone who works for Redline or if anybody who works there is watching this, it would be nice if Redline came out with a style like this in the 2000's



#2 2010-08-18 3:48pm

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 640

INSTANT FAVE! Looks a little like my Retro. By the way can you list the parts used to build your red 1998 Redline RL-640 Retro RL-20 II?


Don't forget to post your Retro RL-20 II bike in my Retro RL-20 II thread link below?

★ Show Us Your Redline Retro RL-20 II Custom Builds? ★

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#3 2010-08-20 8:33am

Banachek BMX
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Re: 1998 Redline RL 640

Bike is awesome - good job Bro!!



#4 2012-01-02 3:02pm

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Re: 1998 Redline RL 640

So awesome!

Old school Sherwood Park.



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