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1997 Haro Monocoque Elite

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1997 Haro Monocoque Elite

1997 Haro Monocoque Elite

My First Monocoque

This was my first monocoque as well as the first bike I built from a bare frame.
Very few of these came over to Australia and we sent back the first one as it turned up with a bed rear half. I've since found out that the bent rears were common with these and that approximately 150 (of a rumoured 400 made) were bent. Apparently the easiest way to pick a bent one was the V brakes aligned very poorly with the rear wheel and front end of the bike. I've only ever hear of the yellow ones being bent (they came in yellow and polished) so maybe it was to make them resemble a banana?

When the frame arrived we very quickly built it up with parts from my existing bike (a mongoose solution pro) as the shop that I was being supported through didn't sell Mongooses. Further down the track various parts were upgraded as they become available. I cant seem to find any pictures of it standing still in it's final build, but the motion pic shown here is close.

In Australia (where I am) these retailed for close to $2,000AUD at the time of release and were a bare frame, as a result very few of them were ever released here, they were generally only found in the hands of riders on a support or sponsorship deal, bike shop owners, or kids with rich parents. Thankfully I was on a support deal.

The bike in it's final build (1997/1998) had the following parts:
Haro Monocoque Elite Frame
FSA 180mm Alum cranks (anodised red)
Shimano XTR V brake and lever
Sealed Alum hubs (dk I think)
Velocity DeepV rear rim
Sun Rhyno lite front rim
Union Titanium spokes (36 3 cross rear, 36 radial front)
Air B latex tubes
Tioga comp III 1.75 front and rear
Answer Rocker Post
GT Piston Stem
Mongoose 1 1/8 cromo fork
Bontrager Titanium railed saddle.
Answer Alumilite Bars
ODI Roughneck grips.
RIDEON goretex cable.



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Re: 1997 Haro Monocoque Elite

LOVE this!   Insane bike!



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