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#1 2010-07-07 1:36pm

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Bike/Component Recall List

I came across this while trying to find out why I'm always having issues with vintage Ritchey road bike hubs. Some of this stuff dates back to when you could still get bikes at Penney's and Sears. Also some food for thought when thrashing that vintage BMX.

To the American bicycle industry, this is more of a lament than a rant and nothing political or Nationalistic. From what I can find about 98% of all bikes are made overseas. I was looking at my bike collection when it dawned on me that the golden age of American bikes is long past.

Schwinn. Founded 1895, U.S. plants closed in 1982. Bankrupt in 1992. Now owned by Dorel.
Mongoose. Founded 1974, sold to Pacific 2001 and I believe that it is now in the hands of Dorel.
GT. Founded 1979, merged with Questor in 1998, Questor also had the rights to Schwinn at that time. Bankrupt 2001. Now owned by Dorel.
Huffy. Founded 1887, closed all U.S. plants in 1999. Bankrupt 2004.
Murray. Founded 1919, bought by British investment group Tomkins in 1988, then bought by Pacific, now Dorel.
AMF. Founded 1900 ( known mainly for Roadmasters) sold out to Brunswick 1997. Now Dorel.
Ross. Founded 1940, bankrupt 1989.
Western Flyer. Founded 1909, sold to Sears 1987, bike production ended.

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#2 2010-07-07 2:02pm

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Re: Bike/Component Recall List

3/98 -- GT Bicycles: Bikes (Frames) (sold 1994-98)

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#3 2010-07-07 2:07pm

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Re: Bike/Component Recall List



#4 2011-10-31 10:45pm

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Re: Bike/Component Recall List

Great source of information



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