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Spoke Length Database For Wheel Builders!

#526 2021-04-03 5:28pm

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Re: Spoke Length Database For Wheel Builders!

Would anyone please be able to confirm spoke length for -
20” Fit Bike Co/Revenge rims with Profile mini cassette hubs.
36 hole and 3x and also 4x

Maybe 189mm -190mm?



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#527 2021-04-08 2:19am

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Re: Spoke Length Database For Wheel Builders!

Hi everybody I’m after spoke size for araya aero with bullseye second gen 36 Hole 3 cr cheers desperate for some help on this ✌️



#528 2021-04-20 8:33am

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Re: Spoke Length Database For Wheel Builders!

Skraelos wrote:

Need help on spoke length for
- Black Primo Son of a Bomb hubs 48 hole 3/8 axle
- lacing to Primo Hula Hoops
-front hub calls for 12G spokes assuming both can use these and only these.
- not sure about patterns total noob
-flatland, vert. … db31f2.jpg … db34d7.jpg

Still looking.

Looking for CNC machined 6061 aluminum AheadSet Stem with patented steerer Safety Lock
Looking for 25.4mm 1" XS seat post and XS seat that fits "Overpaying for both"
Looking for Hoffman Bikes Seat 25.4 NOS, GOOD, or Excellent condition "Overpaying"
Looking for Tapered Primo Stogies pegs 3/8 axle threads.



#529 2021-05-16 9:30pm

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Re: Spoke Length Database For Wheel Builders!

like to know lengths needed of the spokes to build these wheels...
1) 1st gen bolt through Bullseye to 24" Araya 7x
2) 1st gen Phil wood  to 24" Araya 7x
like to get 3 and 4 cross pattern options
and short or long nipple options for both patterns
and does anyone know where to get some A stamped Asahi spokes for these wheel builds...??
and does anyone have the wheels built up for pics examples..??    thankyou!



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