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#1 2010-06-19 3:53pm
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1986 Haro Master

1986 Haro Master

My first Haro resto.

I was never a Haro fan BITD; but have come to appreciate them all these years later.  Found the frame w/ BB & cranks in a pile of scrap metal @ a CL seller's house.  I went looking @ a potential Mongoose score & left w/ this.  It was stripped of its original color but a 'bit of green was left in the BB shell.  Rusty & dull, but a OA bath & polish brought back the original chrome to 8/10.

Instead of building another catalog or advertisement example, I wanted to create what a dedicated rider & Haro fan would've done to their own bike c1987/88ish.

Powder by Chip @ C4 Labs
December 1985 frame - repowdered
proper "high-hole" fork w/ survivor standers - repowdered
decals from Haro Joe in Hong Kong
87 Haro bars - repowdered
Group 1 stem - repowdered cap w/ new hardware
Tioga Bear Trap II headset - new
Odyssey gen1 Gyro - survivor
A'me Tri grips - new
Flight donuts - new
175mm Group 1 cranks - survivor w/ AJK decals & Porkchop spindle caps
Suntour sealed BB - restored hardware, cups, & bearings
Haro Uni-Directional chainring - survivor
Porkchop chainring bolts - new
KMC chain - NOS
Shimano DX pedals - repowdered w/ repop end caps
Peregrine Super Pro wheels - survivors
Peregrine HP tires - survivors
Dia-Compe Nippon brakes - stripped survivors dated-85
DC 883 pads - NOS
Dia-Compe Tech5 levers - NOS
custom Odyssey Gyro cables - cut & re-assembled using Porkchop housing & Knarps to use the cable guide
Porkchop front brake cable - new
Viscount Dominator seat - mint survivor
Porkchop fluted aluminum layback seatpost - new
Porkchop hinged MX seatpost clamp - new

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#2 2010-12-05 6:16pm

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Re: 1986 Haro Master

Dude just plain sick,and really love the original Peregrines that u have and Chrome on top of that! I have a pair on my 88 Master,and still have them,gonna rebuild it just wanting on the head tube decal ! Late Ken !

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#3 2010-12-15 4:54pm

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Re: 1986 Haro Master

Nice job, dude!  It looks awesome.  cool

I'm surprised you got the cable knarps to work - I've seen others try it the same way and have it not work because the knarps knock into each other.  Makes me wanna give it a shot!  tongue



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