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#1 2010-06-05 9:27am

"The Shape"
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1983 Vector Mark 2

1983 Vector Mark 2

had this every since it came off the shelf. Sold it. went through 2 ppl. Got it back. Only a frame now, but something to work with again. Won't sell it again

this was my second "real" racer, my first being a mongoose.i used to race for the MARTINO family in KINGSORT TN at BACKYARD BMX. The team was PICO RACING and the CYCLE CRAFT FAMILY, JOE and his 2 sons, MITCH and JOSH were good friends for years. i raced until i saw R.L. OSBORN, PAT ROMANO at a BMX ACTION show in Bristol TN. after that, i abandoned racing and ive been freestylin' ever since. i used it as a trick bike till i got a free agent. anyway its rusted and dinged. cant make up my mind how much to restore it, if i even decide to.

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#2 2010-06-05 10:04pm

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Re: 1983 Vector Mark 2

So cool, good write up too, post more pictures if you can!

Its my fault, always my fault, even when someone else is the issue its my fault. If I type something its an attack, and I am always in the wrong, no matter the truth or the facts, if I am posting I must be starting something and I am for sure in the wrong.
Looking for Tim Judge Forks   have chrome hutchins judge forks for trade
Need chrome vector forks ,redline FLIGHT drive side 185mm single pinch flight



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