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1999 Hoffman Deebo

1999 Hoffman Deebo

This bike was Alessandro Barbero's ride, now sponsored by Mirra Co., that i bought from him around the year 2000 i think.
It was one of the first professional bikes he rode, if not the first ever, and he started to show some results in contests and getting some ads in Italian magazines on it.
As for me, it's my favorite all time rider! not only it came from a good friend, but it also rode really well, apart from weighing a ton, and it was the bike both Mike Escamilla and Butcher rode for a while when they were on Hoffman bikes; it felt great until both chainstays cracked around the wishbone, as i saw it was a common problem with Deebo's.
In the first picture it's me riding at a local park; a this point i still had a couple things to change but it already had 4 pegs, 2 brakes, motorcycle chain, gyro with homemade london mods, various other home made parts, and an original Hoffman skidmark tire that never had to be replaced.
In the second picture it's Ale Barbero in one of his first appereances in a magazine.



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