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#976 2019-08-07 6:47pm

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Re: Let's See Those Garages Full Of BMX!

Build it, Ride it and Break it. That what it was made for.



#977 2019-08-08 3:54pm

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Re: Let's See Those Garages Full Of BMX!

It needs organizing I know smile

WTB:. GT Ariake Jaguar Seat (black)



#978 2019-08-26 5:23am

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Re: Let's See Those Garages Full Of BMX!

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



#979 2019-08-26 7:30am

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Re: Let's See Those Garages Full Of BMX!

detroitjohnny wrote:

Racer155 I love your set up.  I'm working on a multi level too.   Should save a lot of space and get some bikes at eye level.  cool

Thanks Johnny! I'd say the benefits are many so yeah, shelves work great, do it!

I think it's the best way to display them. I had them at angle for a while which is great to create space, but it's hard to keep them clean, can't get to the rear tire to keep them pumped up, if I wanted to get one down I had to make too many maneuvers, etc....I'm almost done with the new set up and I'll post pics. I think I'm going back to my original set up, it'll depend on the bikes fitting in the space I have, I don't want bikes on the floor.....



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