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tubes bitd

#1 2010-04-21 6:49pm

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tubes bitd

this might sound like a dumb question but, what tubes did they use back in the hardcore freestylin days? what's
recommended these days?


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#2 2010-04-22 7:35am

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Re: tubes bitd

in the 80s no one really botherd witch tubes they used. just any thing from the local bike shop really. though mitsibushi ultra lites where regarded as the best available at the time. due to a slight waight saveing. alot of pepole will say that that dosent matter. but it do,es remember that its spining waight witch increases any waight saveing x10 so a saveing of 1 oz becomes 10 oz as it spins. add that together with comp 4 tires pro class rims alloy niples double butted spockes for a waight saveing of say 4 or 5 oz when static and 40 to 50 oz when spining you can see why it makes sense.

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