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#1 2010-04-01 1:22pm

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2008 Firemans Texas Cruzer 26

2008 Firemans Texas Cruzer 26

I brought it home in June 2008... I made some changes..
   Thanks James and the rest of the kind people @ Ozone Bike Dept, here in beautiful Austin..........

The bike as it sits today has;

Paul Motolite Red/Silver Brakes
Paul Compact Love Lever in Red/Silver.... Thanks Paul for the personal attention
Profile Racing Mini Race Hubs in black w/ Titanium 3spd cassette driver
Profile Racing Evolution bottom bracket



#2 2011-04-26 10:11am

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Re: 2008 Firemans Texas Cruzer 26

Cool, you got some new pics up. The thing's a total beast, and thanks for the tips on the 3spd setup. Just watch out for the the parachute flying out while you're bookin' on it! Looking forward to seeing the other one!



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