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#1 2010-03-27 10:50pm

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1983 Black Lion BMX

1983 Black Lion BMX

Black Lion BMX

Another Thrift store find. This one has about all the original stickers. Black Lion BMX, Nigel Dean Cycles St Albans, Black Lion BMX 150. The Nigel Dean sticker is a bike shop sticker from England I think, so this bike has made quite the journey. This bike also has different forks than the other peugeot bikes in the museum.
I never had seen any of these bitd.



#2 2010-07-06 9:03pm

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Re: 1983 Black Lion BMX

Hi there I just aquired a peugeot I have been researching this thing for hours and figured it is a cpx 300 made in july of 82 my ser# is CPX-G20011. Peugeot says cpx is the model G is the month, 2 is the year and 0011 is the 11th bike built. WOW....I see yours has tange forks on it too!! Mine came with Tange TRX forks dated march 81 so I think they are correct. According to parts breakdowns from peugeot its supposed to have Akisu HX-900s on them but have seen pictures in catalogs of them with tange forks??? What are your#s Cool Bike btw ....



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