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#1 2010-02-26 4:26pm

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1981 Schwinn Scrambler

1981 Schwinn Scrambler

This is a loose replica of my first BMX bike which my brother gave me in June 1983 shortly after my 11th birthday.  He had spray painted it blue and assembled it with spare parts.  I remember it had a Pro Neck and "alloys" for rims, lol!  Some of the parts made their way to the Schwinn Sting I got the following Christmas smile  This bike belonged to my step-brother BITD and I rescued it from my father's basement.  I gave him a call and he said I could have it.  Luckily it was the same style frame/fork and this one still has the original blue paint although it's not perfect.  It actually had some good parts on it, but I changed it up to a close approximation of what I had.  I like to call it my "rat bike", lol!
    Frame/Fork:  Schwinn Scrambler
   Head Set:  Schwinn
   Cranks:  Takagi 175mm
   BB:  Schwinn 
   Spider:  Takagi/Tioga
   Sprocket:  Pro Neck 42T
   Pedals:  KKT Rat Trap
   Seat:  Elina
   Clamp:  Mongoose
   Post:  Tioga
   Bars:  Redline Proline V bars
   Stem:  Pro Neck
   Grips:  Oakley F1
   Brake:  Dia-Compe MX-1000
   Lever:  Dia-Compe Tech 3
   Brake Pads:  Kool Stop Continental
   Rims:  Ukai speedline
   Hubs:  ACS
   Tires:  Schwinn Scrambler 2.125 (rear)/Cheng Shin 2.125 (front)
   Pads:  California Lite

white Titan pad set
Kastan strut for 24" pro cruiser
Profile Champ Pro XL chrome frame
TNT Revolver 48H front hub



#2 2010-02-27 4:51am

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Re: 1981 Schwinn Scrambler

Real nice clean to.wink

Everybody sing GOOOOO YANKEES !!!                      MAH!! COULD WE GET SOME MEATLOAF ??????????

Your gonna wear the shirt of the band your going to see??? DONT BE THAT GUY!!!!!!
R.I.P. Autmn Pasquale 12yrs. old you will not be forgotten. Murderd over BMX parts. UNFORGIVABLE.



#3 2010-03-02 3:12pm

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Re: 1981 Schwinn Scrambler

This was the color i orderd when i was a kid !!!  But I went to pick it up !!!! they got candie apple red !!!!I took the red one an love`d it !!!!!!! it was only a year later it got stold, found and we painted it blue !!!!!! 3 weeks later stold again found again we painted black    2years after i got it stold for the third time from me!!!!!! never found again!!!!!!! THATS live`n in Detroit !!!!!!!!!



#4 2010-03-02 3:40pm

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Re: 1981 Schwinn Scrambler

Nice build, bro! big_smile

My parents got me silver Scrambler f/f  for Christmas back in '81 or '82. I pieced it together with doner parts from my old Huffy but it got boosted from the garage shortly after I finished it so I didn't have a chance to really enjoy it.

Having seen yours, I might have to build one for old time sake. wink

Don't mind me. I'm just here to look at pictures.



#5 2012-12-02 8:15pm

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Re: 1981 Schwinn Scrambler

I have this same year/model frame....and I also own those grips as well!!

Definitely enjoy my cruisers the most!



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